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Through My Lenses with David Katz


David Katz has spent 30 years photographing royalty, world-famous celebrities and capturing iconic sporting moments. What the world didn’t know, until very recently, is that David is also legally blind. He tells his story through the film Through My Lenses, with its message of never giving up, and showing the world, regardless of disability, what can be achieved.

Through My Lenses has achieved a potential reach of 1.1 million on social media to date with David being featured by the Daily Mail, the BBC, BBC World News and ITV; appearing on RNIB Connect Radio and receiving support from global personalities such as as Wladimir Klitschko, former world heavyweight boxing champion.

David was as official press photographer at the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympics, capturing the likes of medal winners and Paralympians Menna Fitzpatrick, guide Jennifer Kehoe, Millie Knight and guide Brett Wild.

He is currently on a global promotional tour, which includes speaking at corporate and private events and addressing photography students. David is proud to be an ambassador and tester for OrCam, a portable, artificial vision device that allows vision-impaired people to understand text and identify objects. OrCam developed this technology in order to help the 342 million adults worldwide with significant visual impairment.

Square Rock will be collaborating with David to develop pioneering technology products, helping the visually impaired through the David Katz Foundation.

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