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Diamonds For Rice


Diamonds for Rice tells the unique true story of businessman Eric Evans who, after being caught up in an African civil war, bought his way out with a few bags of rice – traded for priceless diamonds. This gripping memoir covers the carnage in Africa, Liberia’s shameful past and an amazing escape from the Orly bombing.

The book also describes the worldwide search for a bone marrow donor, who came to the rescue twice and saved Eric Evans from certain death. The groundbreaking medical story and the real-life dramas run side by side, involving the reader from the start. Gripping and honest about the realities about living with blood cancer, Diamonds for Rice will particularly appeal to those who have been affected by it, as well as those considering joining the bone marrow donor register. It will also be enjoyed by those interested in history and memoirs. Anthony Nolan and DKMS, both global organisations, have contributed to Diamonds for Rice.

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